Friday, July 11, 2014

Cancel Any Travel If Winter Weather Will Occur

C3PO a student of linguistics might argue that, if people think it exists and use it, then it does exist.
He lives quietly along the Conestoga River in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

telepathically. The caffeine stands apart. Alone. Cooling.

Hitchcockian whirling eddies of caffeinated beverage

how far is farther? the power of words, and distance... something there is that doesn't love the proximate....

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"to live in the hearts of those we love is not to die..."
--york emporium bookstore 2011 (photo,  by anna jane)


Lightning occurs when positive charges leap from the ground. And they mash the damn clouds. There is a storm that rages in everyone. It is deep within. It is without. It is, like, like thin paper. BOOM!

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clatter of hailstones woke me up & i dashed to my roofdeck to see what was the matter. matter? are hailsones matter? or emphermal products of updrafts and love made visible?

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Musical interlude in a candlelit kitchen. There is light and a puzzle on a dining- room table.

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Lush Life, Tri-dimensional Ultraviolet Suppressed for Aeons, or Vibes, or Muesli Simply hover over any image in the nine collages-- you may even find yourself there. Listen. The windowpanes are as greenhouse...

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The table is full of many items. The silverware is quite passive. People are speaking
telepathically. The caffeine stands apart. Alone. Cooling, mayhaps, simmering
Hitchcockian whirling eddies of caffeinated beverage

Media theorist and writer An Xiao Mina, Media activist Bong Ramilo, dancer and media artist Diego Maranan, and many more...), including talks at the Ayala Museum and Lopez Museum under SABAW’s Bedroomlab lecture series (circa 2010)--an informal art-tech-diybio platform, wherein open discussions, brainstorming sessions, lectures, network meetings, performances, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and public gatherings take place in people's living rooms, gardens, laboratories, and other intimate spaces.

Esworthy uses such varied sounds as the noise of the Japanese earthquake & random traffic sounds and children humming and/or weeping. more will be added, connecting to microphones in the South Pacific, South Atlantic and the southern Indian Ocean.
That will open up an even larger swathe of the ocean deep to our ears.

a thousand words is worth a picture since this one is too large to fit on my scanner. It’s a pane of heavy white rag, that has The English Harvest Moon is October for 2011

and the September Moon in English is called the Fruit Moon . . .

~*^#= principle, proverbs and reverb provide ample direction for everyone.
mid-sixties landscape orientation
someone who echoes some of the same concerns that show up in American
prints made by dipping an actual peony bloom in tempera paint and pressing it to the page. What a rush.
This is not an instance of the transitional turning subject into a mirror of  obsessions – the dimensions present not only originals, but, as an appendix, any number of variant translations from an earlier period (L’Âge Cassant) when conscious parallels roamed the earth.

 The Brittle Age (L’Âge Cassant) may look reminiscent of Stein’s Tender Buttons (& thus, by inference at least, Williams’ Kora in Hell: Improvisations), they’re nothing like them in tone or focus:

In fidelity we learn never to be consoled, not in the aesthetic sense that one might think of, but rather in the ethical one – where tingle has a lot in common with lime,  It is not simply his obsession with substance –  the Object is lime, but the degree to which language & voice are intertwined in human and/or alien thinking,
like a tiny Moebius strip in that the dangling Frigidaire is like a sword of Damocles hanging over a naked lunch counter, a radical gap between that open-faced sandwich  and crepes suzette.

This dissociation between public & private is paralleled by that alienation that transforms the vertigo of sheer terror, the unmarked ellipses of this earlier lime which indicate a litany of processes no less brutal than
roots that have become sculpture, wood that appears talisman, and so on: charms, amulets maybe, but never really such things since the struggles so to speak that made them become, say, a pink peony print in the lower right-hand corner. In this regard the currents appear entirely natural. Their chronology is of interest only to those who analyse carbon fractions etc., who love limes, since they too, considering nature as citrus, are no doubt accurate in, at least (if nothing else), their boundless curiosity.

Subpolar and Subtropical Gyres of the North Pacific

Currents carry drifters along the heavy lines around the Subpolar Gyre in three years, and around the Subtropical Gyre in six years.

Flotsam may circulate in the Garagiola for half a century.

Heavy lines, average drift path; small arrows, local currents; dots, Great Garbage Patch.

The best thing to do is cancel any travel if winter weather will occur.

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