Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Open mic poetry reading October 19, Midtown Scholar


                                                    Open poetry reading October 19. 
                                                      *****Poetry Thursdays *****
                                                    at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore.

The event runs from
7 to 9pm, hosted by the
Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel.

No sign-up, it's Quaker-style--
share as the spirit moves you.
Or just listen. Your call.
"Dynamic, inspiring!"
No cover, no minimum.

1302 North Third Street,
Harrisburg, PA 17102.
And/or: 717.236.1680.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

And my heart is like a rhyme, September 29, Midtown Scholar

All the fine colors. Open poetry mic, 
September 29, Midtown Scholar Bookstore

And the beat goes on."with the yellow and
the purple and the crimson keeping time..."
--Vagabond Song, Bliss Carman.

Another autumnal open mic
  Thursday, September 29,
Midtown Scholar Bookstore.
     7--9 p.m. 

1302 North Third Street,
 Harrisburg, PA 17102.
 Phone, 717.236.1680.

                                       The legendary Poetry Thursdays' reading series
                hosted by the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel.

                Quaker style, no sign-up. Read, or listen.
        And all the fine nuances in between, yeah!
                No cover, no minimum. Nope.

                                             Everything's waiting for you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chicken every Sunday, poetry every Thursday.

Chicken every Sunday, poetry every Thursday. Whassa-matter-you?
August 24, open mic. MidtownScholarr Bookstore.

"I'm tellin' ya Fred, the clouds flew by; winds roared, the snowflakes blew hard
and fast as lightning. As relentless as Bradburian rain. Mizzles, muzzles, torrents.
avalanches! Dostoyevskian, it was, Skokiaan. Rapunzel."
--Winter in Argentina, Johnny Stasis

August. A month of open mics. August 24, open poetry reading, 7--9 pm.
Midtown Scholar Bookstore & ditto, ditto, ditto. This open poetry reading is
hosted by the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore.
7--9pm, (717) 236-1680.

In September-- a new tune. Barbara Crooker is featured September 14.