Monday, January 2, 2012

Solidarity with the indigenous world: Surrealism in 2012!

Surrealism in 2012: Toward the World of the Fifth Sun
January 6-February 19, 2012, GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, Reading, Pa
Opening Reception: First Friday January 6, 2012 5:30-7:30pm

Happy new year! As we roar into the Winter Solstice of Year 2012, beginning
of the 14th baktun (cycle) in the Maya long count calendar, and the fifth
rebirth of our Sun, scores of surrealist artists and writers from around the
globe have sent their works for a long-awaited exhibition honoring this theme,
in keeping with that movement´s principle of “poetry made by all” and solidarity
with the indigenous world. Yowsa!

There is no doubting the astronomical and mythopoetic
genius of the people who created this spectacular and historic marker.

This gathering of creative forces in Eastern Pennsylvania represents the
first collective manifestation of the ongoing surrealist movement in that part
of the United States. It is a rare opportunity to experience the stimulating
atmosphere of authentic surreality apart from the academicism or media
distortion so often identified with that word. It is also a good setting, right
at the beginning of the storied year, smack in the middle of the Eastern
seaboard, to stir one's ideas re the meaning of a world bound for
important, mayhaps, startling, changes in the “World of the Fifth Sun!”

This remarkable show, curated by the legendary Joe Jablonski, features over
40 (count 'em!) Surrealist artists from far and wide. Surrealism in 2012 is a
stunning exhibition of the international surrealist movement from the 1960s
through today. It'll take your breath away!

For more information: Ring up 610-374-4600